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Why There Is A Flower In The Logo

So when I chose to use The edelweiss flower as part of my logo, it raised some questions from my wife about why. Why would I choose to use a white, woolly flower found in the mountains of Europe as part of my logo? 

How would that relate to my work now and in the future, and how I look to serve my community? 

Much of it has to do with my heritage and what it symbolizes; come on, if my name did not give it away, I can’t help you.  

So why use this as part of my logo? 

First, the flower is rare and difficult to find, which adds to its allure and mystique. Its rugged beauty and resilience make it a fitting symbol for those who have overcome challenges and is a symbol of courage and strength; in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, it was often used to decorate clothing or hats, and yes, as a child I had clothing, hats and a walking stick adorned with edelweiss. 

I thought long and hard about the fact that in life, we all, at one point or another, had to overcome challenges, show courage in the face of adversity, hold firm to our values and convictions when it was easy to cave and be resilient when things don’t always go the way we want them to.

This small alpine flower with so much to overcome to exist is inspiring and a source of hope for the future.