Here Are Some Of The Facts and Truths


The average recruiter or hiring manager spends about 6 seconds looking at your resume before making a decision to read on or reject your application.


The majority of people who have applied for that “perfect job” present themselves as unqualified, and have done a poor job of highlighting the value they can bring to the job


Most people who are looking for a new job have no plan and spend 90% of the time focused on activities that have a 10% chance of getting results and 10% of the time on the 90% that will


People who have a solid plan of attack for their job search and focus on value-added activities get jobs quicker than just winging it or waiting around for things to happen.


By the time you get to an interview, there is a good chance you are one of 3 or 4 potential candidates, and one of you is going to get that job.


People who are able to effectively articulate three critical things during the interview tend to land the job they are interviewing for as opposed to those who say they got it and WING IT!

The Simple Truth Is…

As much as they say, there are plenty of opportunities out there. The simple truth is so many times, they are jobs that:

You are overqualified for.
They want to pay you less than your skills are worth in the market
Your opportunities for advancement are limited.
As advertised, it is not what they need or want you to do.

The simple truth is you deserve better, but you may not know what to do or change to make things better on your own. You are looking to shorten your time to hire. You know you deserve to find a well-paying and rewarding position.

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The Solution To Help You Overcome and Succeed

The Executive One ON One

Get Your Resume Working For You And Get That Interview

We will work together to Nail Down The Key Items in your work experience to take your resume from Zero To Hero and get your resume working for you, not against you!
You will be able to

Identify and articulate with confidence what you do and how you have done it.
Demonstrate your unique value proposition that gets decision-makers’ attention.
Cut through the fluff and tell the story you need to tell to get that interview.
2 Options To have the resume done for you by a member of my team and reviewed by me; or done with you where you and I work together.

Create A Job Search Strategy & Get Tapped Into The Job Market Like Never Before!

This is where You learn how to get strategic and work smarter, not harder, shortening the time from searching for something new to DOING SOMETHING NEW!
You will:

Have developed a solid plan with daily goals to kick-start your job search.
Learn tips headhunters use to get to decision-makers and get their clients’ resumes seen.
Have a networking plan that gets results.

Be Ready For Any Interview Situation & Get That Offer

I know you said that four-letter word when you had that feeling when you realized you were not ready for the interview. This is a one-on-one Interview prep that I’ve used to give my candidates the edge when I was a headhunter.

And It works! If they did not get the job I did not get paid by my clients.
During your next interview you will

Be able to walk in with confidence, prepared for anything they throw at you.
Know the secret on building rapport and answering their questions that make you the obvious choice for the job.
Know how to end the interview in a way that shows your interest and but more importantly, if they are looking to move forward with you!

Find Out HR’s Hidden Secrets To Offer Negotiations

Here is the facts. You are leaving money on the table and don’t realize it!
HR’s job is to make you an offer you would accept, not the best offer.
By the time you get that offer you will:

Have an understanding of your worth in the marketplace and your compensation needs being met.
You will know what levers are available to you to negotiate and how to ask for the best possible offer.
You will be able to look at multiple offers and be able to compare oranges to oranges and apples to apples.

Figure Out What You Want, What is Truly Important
Where Your Boundaries Are!

This is where you find out Where’s your head at?
No shame that sometimes we are so beaten down by that bad boss or that grueling schedule This is where we break it down and put it back together In A Way That Fits Your Values

Here you deal with the truths and facts from the people who know you and see you for the superstar you are
You tap into that inner strength that inner leadership you already possess and use it to propel you forward in a way that you never have done before. Things will never be the same again!
You get crystal clear on what you really want and what you really don’t want in this next chapter of your life and use that as the foundation on how you are going to move forward

Make Your Least Favorite Activity Into A Job Opportunity Machine

Lets be honest now Networking is your least favorate thing to do. It is right up there with having dental work done. Go ahead you can say it your not good at it. That is ok
The truth is most people aren’t since asking for help is seen as a weekness in our culture.
By the time You are done, you may just get you to like it!

You start with getting your professional networking tool into shape, where it tells the story it needs to so you can start to build credibitlity.
You will build out a plan that is achievable and built for success
Know how to figure out and get to that hiring decision maker quicker that you can say Kevin Bacon

Values-Based Job and Company Targeting

Can you imagine working for a company that has values that align with yours? Getting up for work and being excited to start the day instead of getting into your car like a zombie
What If you could figure out what you value most and go after it? Instead of taking whatever

First we start with figuring out what is truly importrant and what would be nice to haves
Next we work on identifying companies that share and respect those values
Finally we use this data and information to inform our job search strategy and networking plans

Hit The Ground Running In The First 90 Days

Did you know within the first 90 days your manager is going to make some assumptions on what kind of employee you’re going to be

They are going to determine what your potential advancement is going to be and what kinds. of projects you can “handle”

And you thought you were just learning the ropes.

We are going to work out a plan to maximize those first 90 days that will wow your boss
I will teach you how to engage with key stakeholders on understanding where their pain is and how you can save the day for them
Finally, we are going to take the bull by the horns as to say and set up performance updates with a clear agenda to make sure you stay on track even if your manager is clueless

Get Ready For Your Dream Job NOW! It’s Waiting For You!

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No Joke 100% of My Clients have earned more than before we worked together and covered their Investment!

8 Essentials Bonuses

How To Dress For Interview Success Cheatsheet

I can’t tell you how many times people ended up losing an opportunity because they did not show up to the interview dressed for success. Find out how to dress for interview success in today’s market

The Top Interview Questions You Should Prepare For List

Now I don’t expect you to prepare for the questions, but you need to be aware of what questions might be asked of you so you can give it some thought. Don’t look like a deer in headlights when they ask you a question out of left field.

The Interview Question Formula

What if I told you there is a formula to answer an open-ended question during your next interview? Show the interviewer the shining star you are.

12 Months of Access To My Online Course

Get 12 months of access to all three online courses, workbooks, templates, and bonuses online to watch as often as you like for some additonal support

Job Search Tracking Tool

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re starting from. This tool will keep you organized. So when you get the call you know exactly what position it is.

Interview Question Tracking Tool

Power is in identifying patterns and being able to answer the questions that come up the most. With this tool you will be able to capture those questions and your answers in one easy place

How To Interview With Headhunters Checklist

Interviewing with a headhunter is different than other interviews they are shorter and If you don’t nail it they won’t submit you for the position. Find out what you need to gauge is this a fishing expedition or the real thing?

First 90-Day Goal Setting Checklist

The first 90 days are so important, you will get a checklist of the activities you need to do and when. and a place for you to capture your goals and chart your progress

Get Ready For Your Dream Job NOW! It’s Waiting For You!

Just click the button to the right to book an informational meeting to see if this program is right for you!
No Joke 100% of My Clients have earned more than before we worked together and covered their Investment!

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About Me

Karl Muhlbauer

I work as a career coach, consultant,  and trainer, successfully guiding high achievers like you step by step through career transitions so you can do the work you were born to do. 

Job security is a thing of the past. Career freedom only comes from knowing your worth in the market and being able to communicate it effectively.  

My work is based on solid training AND real-world experience from my years as an HR leader.

I have been responsible for hiring and coaching leaders and training decision-makers on how to hire and manage teams. Some of those good managers you had I may have trained them.

If you are a top performer and your time is valuable, investing in a coach to help makes sense of all this; just makes sense!

Why I Do This Now

Honestly, I got tired of seeing good, hard-working people like you come up short. When I got into HR, things were different, the playing field was more level. Since I know what to look for and know “The Game”. Being an Insider has its advantages Why not let me help you.

Get your resume notice in those 6 seconds and to the top of that pile.
Find that hidden job market and help you create opportunities instead of being out of control and at the mercy of someone else.
Nail that next interview, sharing with you the secrets you need to know to land that job. Remember, I trained some of those interviewers.

Got Questions?

Hey I get it! when I make an investment like this I want to talk to a human. I got questions and you probably do too.
No worries just Click the button below for a free consultation and lets chat!
You will actually be speaking with me the dude in the photo above and not some slick salesperson


I Know This Is A Lot To Take In

I Get It, but remember doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result is just crazy.
It is time to take radical action and make some changes; don’t do it alone!

The interview starts when you apply and never ends because as this interview ends your already interviewing for your next position
Karl Muhlbauer