Embrace Your Role As The CEO of Your Career

lead your career journey instead of letting your career lead you.

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Embrace Your Role As The CEO Of Your Career

Shift From Operational To Visionary

Setting Goals That Resonate With Your Values And Asperations

Communicate With Confidence

Express Your Professional Value With Clarity And Conviction In Any Setting

Design Your Career On Your Terms

Achieve Balance and Fulfillment By Aligning Your Career With Your Life’s Ambition

Do You Feel Your Career’s At A Standstill?

Your Career Might Be At A Standstill If:

  • You have been in the same position for five years, and they keep telling you not yet about a promotion.
  • You are considered a top performer, yet all the cool projects go to someone else, and when they mess up…
  • You are always the go-to person to clean up the mess, and when it comes to bonus time, It always seems to be lacking.
  • You look at the new guy coming in and realize they are paying them more, and they are unproven.

Welcome to Your Career Transformation

The Higher You Go The Longer It Takes

Discover a New Direction

Overcome stagnation and redefine your career path.
Tailor-made strategies for seasoned professionals like you.

Master Your Market Presence

Revamp your professional assets for standout impact.
Elevate your resume, LinkedIn, and personal branding with expert guidance.

Communicate Your Value

Sharpen your negotiation and interview prowess.
Command the conversation and secure your worth in the job market.

The Approach Is Simple & Impactful

Leverage Karl’s unique approach, focusing on:
Foundation and Preparation: Gain clarity on your career goals, develop a strategy, and align your skills for the journey ahead.
Assets Creation or Updates: Update and polish your professional toolkit to reflect your true value.
Effective Communication: Master the art of conveying your strengths and securing your desired position.
Transform Your Career Today
Don’t let another day pass in uncertainty. Join others who have stepped into fulfilling roles that match their ambition and skill set.

What Is It Like To Step Into The Role CEO of “YOU” INC

You know that you need to make a change, and you may feel the next step is hard. The truth is you have already done the hard part.
By realizing some things have to change, and that you need to take action now.
With a bit of help, you will have:
Clarity regarding your ultimate career goals and aspirations. You will have a clear understanding of how to align your skills and experience with your desired outcomes.
A sense of confidence walking into any situation, any performance discussion, interview, or salary negotiation, you will be able to articulate what value you have to offer a company and in the job market overall.
A clear strategy on how you are going to move forward, leaving any hint of frustration and overwhelm behind. The job search process may have felt in the past complex, but not anymore, now you are ready to take on the world.
A compelling professional brand having all your go-to-market tools looking fresh and up to date, and you don’t have a clue what that is; back in the day, we refer to it as having your resume, cover letter, etc. up to date and ready to go, along with a compelling narrative that highlights what you truly bring to the table that no one else does.
Made a change that has given you back that job satisfaction you want, increased your compensation, and given you back time to do the things you have always wanted to do but couldn’t.

You Get To Choose Your Path To Success

VIP Days

Looking for a “Quick Win!
Consider a VIP Day(s) Where we focus in getting all the “Big Rocks” sorted in a day

1 On 1 Coaching

With 3 levels to choose from
You get one-on-one coaching where we will work on removing obstacles and simplifying the process.

Online Classes

You Need something that you can work on at your own pace, during your free time and only need the basics for now. You may want to consider

Some Useful Resources To Get You Started

Nice To Meet You

Karl Muhlbauer Your Coach

Karl Muhlbauer

I work as a career coach and consultant, successfully guiding high achievers like you step by step through career transitions so you can do the work you were born to do.  

I do this by helping you clarify what you are fantastic at, and I teach you how to communicate this effectively and persuasively. (in your resume, LinkedIn, networking, and interviews),

So you can stop stressing and create the security that comes from taking control of your career once and for all.

Job security is a thing of the past. Career freedom only comes from knowing your worth in the market and being able to communicate it effectively.  

My work is based on solid training AND real-world experience from my HR Career hiring and coaching leaders and also training decision-makers on how to hire and manage teams.

Keep this in mind; elite athletes hire coaches because they know that their time and energy are precious. 

If you are a top performer and your time is valuable, investing in a coach to help makes sense.

What Some Of My Clients Have Said

“I’d been looking for a job for about 6 months with little response. I had lost faith in my work abilities which transitioned over to my everyday life.
I was in a rut and felt like I would never get out of it. It felt like I was in quicksand and I was never going to escape.
I was nervous that hiring a coach would be a waste of money, but it wasn’t.  From the first conversation it felt very personal, I realized this work was going to help solve my problems.
Even before completing the Executive Career Coaching Bespoke Eight-Step Program I was able to figure out what I really wanted and I feel much happier that I was able to make a non-emotional work decision.
I found a job I love and moved to another city, and with their help was able to negotiate and increase my offer to recoup my entire coaching investment.  
Now it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel relieved and happy for the first time in a long time.

Patrick Cusick 
Operations Director

“I felt I needed support from an objective observer who had the tools to see through any of my issue avoidance tactics and who could help me help myself.
What I experienced was that if you are willing to be open to the tools and methodology then you can learn about yourself, your motivators and your barriers. 
People should understand that [in] coaching you are being challenged and driven to help yourself find the solutions to your own issues.
This gives a great sense of satisfaction when you are able to move ahead and get past blockages that previously seemed insurmountable.

Nicholas H.  
HR Executive