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Don’t Be That Person !

When I started my career, I worked as a Contract Recruiter, AKA a Headhunter.  To tell you I have seen some things on people’s resumes throughout my 25+ years in HR would be an understatement.  Let’s just say that once I got a resume that was done like a ransom note, you know where the letters and phrases were cut from a newspaper or magazine to form the text of the resume. You see, this happened in 1997, and It still haunts me, I mean I still remember.  This is an extreme example, but there are other things people do that knock them out even before they start…Don’t Be that person!

Your resume is often the first impression a potential employer has of you, and it’s important to make it count. However, there are several bad resume habits that job seekers often fall into. Here are some of the worst resume habits to avoid:

  1. Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Spelling and grammatical errors are one of the most common resume mistakes. A resume with errors can make a candidate appear unprofessional and careless. Make sure to proofread your resume multiple times and consider using online tools such as Grammarly to catch any mistakes.

  1. Using Clichés and Buzzwords

Using clichés and buzzwords in your resume can make it appear generic and unoriginal. Common buzzwords such as “hard-working” and “team player” don’t add any value to your resume and can make you appear unmemorable. Instead, focus on specific accomplishments and unique experiences that showcase your skills and qualifications.

  1. Including Irrelevant Information

Including irrelevant information on your resume can make it appear cluttered and confusing. Only include information that is relevant to the job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for a marketing position, there’s no need to include your high school job as a grocery store cashier.

  1. Using an Unprofessional Email Address

Using an unprofessional email address on your resume can make you appear immature and unprofessional. Make sure to use an email address that is professional and appropriate for a job application. Avoid using nicknames or slang in your email address.

  1. Failing to Customize Your Resume

Failing to customize your resume for each job application can make it appear generic and uninteresting. Take the time to research the company and job requirements, and tailor your resume to showcase your skills and qualifications that match the job description.

  1. Using Inconsistent Formatting

Using inconsistent formatting in your resume can make it appear unprofessional and difficult to read. Make sure to use a consistent font, size, and style throughout your resume. Use bullet points and clear headings to make it easy for the employer to scan your resume.

In conclusion, there are several bad resume habits that job seekers often fall into. By avoiding spelling and grammatical errors, using specific language, including relevant information, using a professional email address, customizing your resume, and using consistent formatting, job seekers can make a great first impression with their resume.